Guarantee & Warranty

Guarantee & Warranty

To demonstrate the high standards of craftsmanship, We at The Bed Corp grant a guarantee of quality within the period stipulated on the label. Products that DO NOT contain a label, DO NOT carry a Guarantee.

  1. Should any imperfections due to faulty materials or workmanship become apparent in the mattress, within the guarantee period from date of purchase, the company will make this good without charge but Excluding of Cartage.
  2. This Warranty applies to the original purchaser, and cannot be transferred.
  3. Claims should be made in writing via e-mail, post, or fax together with this guarantee slip and your invoice
  4. The Bed Corp reserves the right to substitute alternate fabrics if the original is no longer available and cannot undertake to match other items not under complaint.
  5. The guarantee is not extended to goods which have been damaged through unreasonable or improper use, in soiled or unsanitary condition. Where mattresses are used on firm – top bases other than those supplied by Brothers, must be of an appropriate quality of construction compatible with the Bed Corp Standards. The mattress may not be used on a sprung soft – top base. In the case of slatted bases, the gaps may not exceed 50mm and a mattress pad or board placed between the mattress and the slats is strongly recommended. Failure to comply with these requirements will render the guarantee invalid.

Difference between a Guarantee & Warranty

Simply put, a Guarantee covers all costs of repair within the guarantee period, excluding cartage. A Warranty works on a proportional basis, where the costs are shared between the purchaser and the manufacturer on a pro rata basis – the division of these costs is dependent on the period lapsed by the time a warranty claim is raised. Please note that you Warranty runs concurrently with the guarantee.

What is not covered by your service Warranty

The guarantee is not extended to goods which have been damaged through unreasonable or improper use, in soiled or unsanitary condition.Body impressions of up to 40mm are not covered by the guarantee or warranty as they form part of the normal settling process of your mattress. Cartage and insurance is not covered by your Warranty.




Thank you for purchasing one of our products – you have made a wise and sensible purchase. We appreciate your support, and will do what it takes to ensure that every customer is satisfied with our service and quality.


  1. To ensure the best care for your mattress you need to turn your mattress once a week for the first month and thereafter once a month. This will also extend the lifespan of your mattress unless stated by the manufacturer that your mattress is a do not turn.
  2. Body impressions are normal. At the Bed Corp, we use the best quality and high density foam for durability and comfort, however, you will encounter initial body impressions. This is a normal occurrence in all mattresses and is also a sign that the mattress is accommodating to your bodies profile. By following the turning process, you will minimize the effect of body impressions.
  3. Should you find a slight odor in your mattress when unwrapped, simply let it air for a day, as this is natural.
  4. Please read further on Guarantee and Warranty on reverse side.


How to turn your mattress

mattress turn cycle

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