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Cheap Beds In South Africa


Cheap beds in South Africa, Johannesburg or anywhere in the world are very easy to come by. Even though it may seem rather difficult, especially if you are searching or looking in big shopping malls. Here the beds that you find are going to be a lot more expensive because of the rentals that the tenants have to pay. Online, however, you will find many. But be very careful when buying such items online, unless you know the product you are buying. Are cheap beds really cheap?

Cheap Beds

The term in itself explains that cheap beds are exactly that, Cheap. But does this mean that you are saving money, or in turn, spending more? And the truth is that, in a longer term, buying a cheap actually costs you more. Let’s look at an example: Say you buy a bed that costs about R 1500,00+- which you would have to replace within 2 years maximum, it would mean that you’d have spent a total of R 4500,00+- over a period of 6 Years. Whereas, had you spent a little extra on our first purchase, roughly R 2900,00 that bed is likely to last you up to 7.5 Years. Which will save you close to R 3000,00 and not only will you be saving, but you’ll also be sleeping better, with more comfort and better health.


Cheap beds are only cheap on your first purchase. It starts becoming expensive after 2 Years when you have to replace, some even earlier than 2 Years. Our beds have Guarantees and Warranties.


When purchasing a bed, it is quite important to not only base your decision on what you read, or see, but rather to also feel the bed. Understandably, you may be very busy in your daily life, that taking the time out to go and view a bed in person is sometimes an impossible task, however, a bed can be a big purchase, and you’re likely to sleep on it most of the year, on average up to 6 Hours every day.

By making some time to go in to the store, or speak to an operations manager at the factory, where the advise you are receiving is not from a salesperson just trying to sell you a bed, but will also consider your needs. By doing so, you’ll actually save yourself a lot of time, and money. Sometimes individuals get lucky when buying cheap, depending on where the bed was purchased from, but in most cases you’re forced to request a return, if possible, or having to buy another one which, at that point, you’ve spent the budget you set aside for a bed.

Budget bed

How does one budget for a bed?

Well, very simply, do your homework. When you buy a bed, make sure you know what it’s made of. Or at least some of the components inside it. And compare that to other beds you may see. You’ll find similar makes are priced similarly too.

You’ll discover that beds across the different brands are not that different, and that the bigger branded stores are slightly more because of the name rather than quality. Manufacturers like Bed Corp are also branded, but because they’re not as big, they’re a lot more affordable, and often their quality and service is better as well.

After having done some research. Go to a store where they’ll have the bed on display so that you can feel it. Then you’ll be able to make a decision on buying it. It will feel quite like what you perhaps had expected or even better than what you’d have expected. In feeling and seeing it, you are certain of getting the value for your money. Remember, it’s going to be a long time again before you purchase another. So make it count.

Have a look at the top 12 Tips:


Your dreams are important. Your sleep is important. And by having a better bed, than just the cheap bed, you’ll perform better at work/school. You will get a better nights rest and in the process your day to day will be better too. Invest in a good nights rest because the quality of your life depends on it.