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Customized Beds and Mattresses

You can now customize your bed and mattress

You can now customize your bed and mattress. At the Bed Corp, We offer a very personal service like no other manufacturer. So you can come in store and design your own customized beds and mattresses, or even to the Factory, and you can see how the beds are manufactured. But more than anything, you can design the bed the way you want it. We do have a range, that has been tested or proven over time, but these are standard and might not work for you. So, you now have the option of coming in to one of our many showrooms and customize your bed.

  • Do you need the mattress to be thicker?
  • Would you want the mattress to be softer / firmer?
  • Should you want the mattress to be Hypo-Allergenic?
  • Do you need the mattress to be cooler? or more breathable?
  • Perhaps you want the mattress to be lighter? or Heavier?
  • Do you need / want the mattress to be very durable?
  • Does the mattress to have no movement transfer?
  • Do you require the mattress to cater for two separate individuals on the same mattress?
  • Do you have a back injury that requires a certain type of support?
  • Have you perhaps, slept on a mattress at a hotel and would like yours to feel the same?
  • Would you like to have memory foam on your mattress? (regardless of the type of mattress)
  • Would you like your mattress to be covered in a certain material?
  • Wouldn’t you like to be in control of how you sleep? Rather than settle for something other than what you truly want?

How to customize your beds and mattresses

  1. Make a note of how you feel with your current sleep
  2. Discover your needs as an individual
  3. Consider if you have any injuries
  4. Consider any pains you are currently experiencing
  5. Do some research into your body type
  6. Understand what would be healthiest for you
  7. So Come in to one of our showrooms
  8. Our trained staff will assist you in finding the correct bed for you
  9. Provide us with the sizes you need
  10. Place your order
  11. And within 2 days, you’ll be sleeping on a customized bed, designed by you, for you

Why would you want to customize your mattress?

Because Beds are not a cheap purchase, but necessary for your well-being. And where you would spend almost 1/4 of your life. It’s crucial that, as the user of the bed, so you need to be comfortable. And have exactly what you want. This will increase your well-being, health and satisfaction over the years. So rather than having to settle for something else, you now have the opportunity to specifically design the bed, for yourself. But as a unique individual, so shall be your bed. Your own personal customized beds and mattresses

Comfort and Support
No-Movement transfer Pocket Spring
Pine structured base

We understand that with customized beds and mattresses you may have some difficulties in just designing your bed. Because there may be some foam layers that aren’t suitable together or suitable with certain spring types. And there could even be the case of certain types of materials that may not go well together, or that, perhaps, your mattress design is just too thick. Because of this, we have trained staff, all of whom, have worked hands on in or factory. So this means that they are not just trying to sell you a product, or misdirect you. There advise is from experience and expertise.

What happens if the bed isn’t ideal?

Well, because these things happen, especially when you’re trying to customize the bed to suit yourself. However, there is a solution to this, should it be a problem. And if you feel that the bed you designed is incorrect, make note of the changes you would like, we’ll happily take in your mattress, and make the alterations. But there may be a slight cost with regards to cartage, as we offer this as an added service, but all our logistics are outsourced. So you really have nothing to fear. So If you change your mind and would like to take one of our standard ranges, we will credit you the difference, if any. Unfortunately though, once a bed has been used, you cannot return it unless it is faulty, in which case, the Guarantee & Warranty will serve.

Customized Beds and Mattresses
A customized bed would look like a normal bed