Orthoplus De-Luxe


A popular bed for starting out or furnishing spare rooms. A deep quilted mattress with medium density fillings make the De-Luxe a winning budget buy.

  • Low-Medium level of support
  • Mattress depth 23cm
  • Weight rating; Max 85 kg per sleeping partner
  • 1 Year Guarantee
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Turn-Free option Available? No
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Orthoplus De-Luxe Bed

Orthoplus De-Luxe

The Perfect Spare Bed

The perfect spare bed – Orthoplus De-luxe has been well designed, specifically formulated as a spare room bed. The reason why we say “Spare” room, because it is not the absolute best, or the most comfortable as you can find, but it is durable, and does offer the correct support. However, it is not ideal for everyday use over very long periods of time, but it is very inexpensive and that is why it is well designed for guest rooms or spare rooms.

The Orthoplus

Orthoplus is the # 1 selling mattress under the Bed Corp brand, but one of the strongest available in the world. Utilizing traditional connected-spring technology, but Orthoplus mattresses offer consumers great value-for-money.  Depending on your needs. Look out for the Orthoplus MAGNUM, our new heavyweight addition to the range. It’s the most beefed-up mattress available to South African consumers today.

Orthoplus is the # 1 selling mattress in the store. Which utilizes traditional connected-spring technology, Orthoplus mattresses offer consumers great value-for-money. And the Orthoplus De-Luxe is the perfect spare room bed.

There are six models to choose from, each one offering unique characteristics. And all Bonnell Springs are flanged, with an unique high-tech mattress construction which prevents your comfort layers from shifting. Six turn, double off-set coils allow for ideal support, weight distribution and comfort. Coil to coil hinging enhances the inner-springs ability to intelligently adjust to hips and shoulders.

These mattresses are also well known for the time they have been around. They’re the typical spring mattresses that have existed for centuries. And are reliable in their own wisdom. And offer a great deal of support. But best suitable for the individual who has a limited budget for a bed. Also quite ideal for children depending on their age.

The perfect spare bed