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Sleep Better

The Bed Corp is an independent company that has been in operation in Gauteng for 10 years. Our length of time in the business has not made us latent with our product and service offerings and we are engaging with and expansion strategy to give more value to our customers.


Everybody needs a good nights sleep, especially with the pressures of modern day living. Sleep fulfils a vital role in recharging our batteries and keeping us healthy. Yet surprisingly few people relate the quality of life to quality of sleep.

We at satisfy your need for quality sleep. As manufacturers, we build beds according to customer requirements and specifications. All raw material used is ISO9000 compliant and SABS approved.

Sleep Statistics

People who rotate their bed as recommended
People who have body ache due to old or bad beds
Beds replaced in a year
People who share beds with pets
The amount of time you spend sleeping over a lifetime

Have a good night’s rest for a great day’s activities

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